Solar: from quote to panels

You’ve done your research--you understand more about what a home solar system is, if it is a good fit for your roof, what rebates are available in your area, and how to pay for your system. You’ve decided solar seems to be a good fit to meet your energy needs and you want to act before rebates disappear. Well, you are ready to get a quote from an installer. But what happens after you submit your information for a quote? What is the installation process like? Let’s take a look:

  1. QUOTE

    You submit your basic information so a qualified installer can contact you with a free quote specific to your address


    Within 24 hours, you will be contacted by an installer to offer you a free comparison of your energy bills (with and without solar), help you find the right system size to meet your energy needs, and talk to you about the best options to pay for your new system (financing, lease, buy, etc…).


    After you decide on the best way to save, an installer will do an on-site visit to inspect your roof, locate the optimal placement for your panels, and confirm the specs of your new solar system. 


    If have not already, at this state you will sign contracts as well as apply for permitting. This is usually where the longest delay happens so be sure to have a time cushion when finalizing your system.


    Installation usually takes a single day so on your day of choice, your installer will come out and get everything set up.


    Once the system is set up and your utility provider confirms, you can power on your new system.


    You’ll be generating your own clean, renewable energy and saving thousands.

Find your own comfortable solar timeline
Now that you are more familiar with the process, you can see how simple it is. But, installers calendars are filling up quickly, especially with the newly-renewed ITC, so the time from quote to install can vary largely. That’s why it is important, even if you are just beginning to think about solar, to get in touch early on. That way, you can work on a comfortable timeline and start saving before the rising demand of solar begins to affect the cost. So take your time finding and designing your perfect system that will generate clean energy for your family for the next three decades.