At Wave Solar, we often get questions from our clients about how soon and how often they should contact purchased leads. Here are the best practices, gathered from our own call center as well as some of the top solar companies that we’ve consulted with across the US.

How quickly you should call a lead: immediately. If the customer is still thinking about solar and has it fresh on their mind, they are more likely to say yes to an appointment if they are contacted right away. For a shared lead, calling quickly is especially critical because you will have competitors calling at the same time.

At Wave Solar, we offer email and text alerts when a lead comes in, as well as CRM integrations with platforms like Salesforce and Zoho to get new leads in front of sales staff instantly. Bottom line, if you make response time a priority for your team, you will see your contact and appointment rates for purchased leads improve.

How often you should call a lead: At least 7 times. Calling a lead two or three times isn’t enough. We recommend calling 3 times the first day, 2 times the second day, and then once per day the following two days at least for a total of seven.

Should you text? Yes, one time. If the lead’s number is a mobile number, you should send it one text message, on the first day. Why once? People do not like getting multiple text messages, and spamming with text is fast way to get complaints and bad reviews. However, texting is also many consumers' favorite means of communication.

So text once with a friendly message identifying yourself and identifying a clear next action for them to take. If they respond, you can keep texting to keep the conversation going. If they don’t respond, keep going with calls and email but leave the texting alone.

Wave Solar’s lead platform includes free texting for those who want to have their team text from a centralized business platform instead of personal cell phones.

Should you email? Yes. Similar to text, we recommend sending one email on the first day. The email should be clear about who you are and why you’re emailing, and include an easy next action for the person to take.

...and you should have a long-term email drip campaign on old leads. If a person does not respond even after 7 calls, one text, and one email, don’t give up. Research shows that solar has a very long shopping cycle, sometimes taking as long as a year or more. If you’ve already called, texted, and emailed your lead, put them on a long-term email drip campaign to receive an email once a month so that you can catch them later when they might finally become interested in moving forward. Companies who have a long-term contact plan in place report getting additional appointments and sales weeks or months after the original purchase of the lead.

Those are our tips. Agree? Disagree? Have questions? Shoot us a line at