Dear Wave Solar Partner,

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the world right now, so we’ll get right to it.

We’re excited to announce that Wave Solar is merging with SolarReviews!

This means lower lead prices, more lead volume, and increased lead quality. And all of the dedicated Wave Solar team members, technology, and website will be moving over to SolarReviews to help you extract maximum benefits from the merger and to grow your sales to new heights.

While the big news sinks in, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of your biggest questions.

I get lower lead prices?

Yep, you read that right! The entire point of this merger is to make sure you get more sales at a lower cost.

SolarReviews’ organic content and AI powered call to action allows them to sell high quality leads at a cost significantly less than what would have been economical for Wave Solar.

In some markets, and on some lead types, their prices are 10-20% lower. On other lead types, in other markets, their prices can be up to 40% lower than Wave prices. Here are some examples:

Are there other benefits to SolarReviews?

Absolutely! SolarReviews isn’t just a verified lead generation platform -- it’s a one-stop shop to connect with homeowners ready to go solar:

  • SolarReviews is the only lead generation company that allows consumers to choose how many quotes they want on their website (1, 2, 3 or 4), so you’ll get to work with more lead types, each priced to minimize your cost of acquisition.

  • has organic Google web traffic beyond what Wave and most other lead generators have. With also merging with, you’ll gain access to a much larger pool of SEO driven, solar-ready customers.

  • The new SolarReviews platform will have more customization options for your leads -- mix and match zips and counties, omit specific zips, customize matching power utilities, and tailor each region’s settings to boost your sales team’s performance. 

  • Along with your lower priced and higher quality leads, you’ll gain access to a full-featured customer review platform (think Yelp, but cooler), where you can engage with prospective and current customers to enhance your brand and reputation.

What happens next?

Again, the entire Wave Solar sales team will be moving over to SolarReviews to ensure a successful merger for all of our collective clients.

In most cases, your Wave Solar account manager will continue as your SolarReviews account manager.  

If you already use SolarReviews - great! You don’t have to do anything to start receiving leads at the lower SolarReviews pricing. Your Wave Solar budget, preferences and balance will simply be added to your SolarReviews account, meaning you’ll still match with the same total amount of leads, just at an overall lower cost. 

If you are not a SolarReviews customer - no problem! Your account manager will help you onboard to the new SolarReviews platform, which will include getting set up with their new lead types, lower prices, and customer review tools.

To start onboarding right away, you can either register here. In the interim, you will continue to receive leads through the Wave platform as normal.

We know this is a big announcement, and we know you’ll have a lot of questions. But we’re here to help. We appreciate your understanding as your existing account managers learn a whole new system and culture. And get excited, because this is just the first step to helping you grow your business -- and our industry -- like never before. 

To new eras and sunny days ahead,
Your Wave Solar / SolarReviews Team

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